Friday, January 28, 2011

Watch the most costly mobile phone - the Goldvish Le million

Watch the most costly mobile phone on this earth the - Goldvish Le million. It's been tag as the priciest phone and has been given place in the Guinness books of world record. These magnum Opus phones are limited in edition. Only 100 such phones are available in the market but the one could be in your hands if you have $1,000,000. Well it's a big ticket for the ordinaries and they have to just feel their stomach by gazing at it. Hope we also get lavish mobile accessories with this phone. This Goldvish Le million phone is made with accuracy and with the artistry of the Swiss.

You might be thinking about its price. This phone is costly because of the 120 carats VVS-1 grade diamonds which are embedded in them. Diamonds are the spark of the world and are the favourite of each and every human being on this planet and so is this phone. Its dashing looks will tempt your mind and you will be eager to touch this phone. Well money is not everything in the world, but after looking at this phone we can say that money is more than something.

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