Saturday, January 29, 2011

Figure out the time in the stylish watch the Oclock

Now the stylish watch is in, the O'clock. This O'clock is really worth admiring. Its an empty clock without any hands or any digits. So how will you figure out the time, this is a big question mark in this clock? Well it's very easy, to do this. The o'clock look very chic and modish. All the numbers and both the hands have vanished and left the clock empty and alone.

latest concept O clock

This concept gadget is designed by the Ana Kremenelieva. There are two flat disks in this clock and it shows the cuts with the time and its location will depict the hour and the minute both hands. This is really fantastic concept of wrist watch an innovative one. Well I am eagerly waiting for this clock to arrive, so I can wear it and make my friends jealous of it.

latest concept O'clock

Friday, January 28, 2011

Watch the most costly mobile phone - the Goldvish Le million

Watch the most costly mobile phone on this earth the - Goldvish Le million. It's been tag as the priciest phone and has been given place in the Guinness books of world record. These magnum Opus phones are limited in edition. Only 100 such phones are available in the market but the one could be in your hands if you have $1,000,000. Well it's a big ticket for the ordinaries and they have to just feel their stomach by gazing at it. Hope we also get lavish mobile accessories with this phone. This Goldvish Le million phone is made with accuracy and with the artistry of the Swiss.

You might be thinking about its price. This phone is costly because of the 120 carats VVS-1 grade diamonds which are embedded in them. Diamonds are the spark of the world and are the favourite of each and every human being on this planet and so is this phone. Its dashing looks will tempt your mind and you will be eager to touch this phone. Well money is not everything in the world, but after looking at this phone we can say that money is more than something.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mitsubishi DLP HDTV's with 3D-capablility

Highly potential HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cables always smartly hold and create a strong data source facility. Here comes the newly designed Mitsubishi line-up series of 3D-capable DLP HDTV's which are more advanced as compare to past HDMI cables. These newest version of Mitsubishi cables include 738 series, 638 series and 838 series. This series allows its users to view at a distance from 60 inch to 82 inch area with a full HD 1080p playback resolution. These cables are specifically designed to provide constant connectivity, strong signal and long-lasting usability. Moreover, these cables efficiently offer the finest image and audio quality.

Mitsubishi DLP HDTV's with 3D-capablility

Mitsubishi DLP HDTV's with 3D-capablility
magnificently brings highly defined images with a trio of HDMI ports (optional) and dual composite or component video-inputs (optional). Even you find them more reliable as they are capable of 16-Speaker with 5.1 channel Digital Dolby surround sound methods and optional StreamTv Internet enabled gadgets. So you can able to connect Pandora, Vudu movies, Picasa, Associated Press, Flickr, Facebook, The New York Times and many more. Just explore the difference in your life with these series which will sell at a price limit from $1,199 (638 Series) to $4,499 (WD-82838) only...

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Designer Newsmy A65HD PMP

For the most tech-savvy people media player always been the hottest item to explore and acquaint. Newsmy has come up with an interesting A65HD PMP and proffers a variety of upgraded features to its customers. This media player is truly an incredible form of entertainment. This latest product is completely equipped highly productive and integrated with most trendy qualities.

Newsmy A65HD PMP

Newsmy A65HD PMP
main specifications include:

* Full HD resolution with an efficient support of 1080p

* 6 inch of wide display

* Supported with resolution of 800x480 pixels

* Capability: MPEG-2, H.264, VC-1 RMVB, RM, AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV, VOB, MPG,


* HDMI port

* TV-out port

* Easily expand to large screen through HDTV

* No pricing details till yet.

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Voiced Heart Rate MP3 player monitor

Among the wide genre of popular MP3 player the latest extensive MP3 player with talking heart rate monitor proves to be best in every sense. You can imagine to de-stress & relax yourself with the unique heart rate monitor which easily reveals your pulse evaluations. It can make a remarkable world of variance in your lifestyle and outlook. It is a perfect combination of style along with outstanding features and functionality. The device efficiently maintains a track on your heart rate and targets to keep you fit. While doing workouts the gadget will voice out your pulse readings and you don't need to look at its display card. Definitely you must be eager to know how the device will work for you or is it comfortable to use.

Voiced Heart Rate MP3 player

Voiced Heart Rate MP3 player
monitor supports as an excellent fitness tool which will timely displays ECG reading and also warns you by speaking it. The readings are understandable and brief which can be recognize by every person. It also alerts you whenever you heart is below or above the targeted zone through the ear-bud headsets in every 1 to 5 minutes. The chest strap efficiently monitor your pulse rate through its electrodes and the gadget then sends readings via wireless to a receiver of a cell phone size. The outstanding feature of this gadget is that it allows its user to play MP3 and WMA files and automatically stops while speaking the readings. The device surely won the hearts of many people with cool functionality across the globe. Believe it or not, this impressive device will be available at a price of $79.95 only...

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Highly creative Dinosaur-dung based watch

Surprising idea of Swiss designer of creating an expensive watch from dinosaur dung seems most fascinating to you all. Artya, the Switzerland-based company has crafted the most innovative design and shows a high-quality of workmanship through this watch. In the wide variety of timepieces this watch proves to be the finest, rare and unique as compare to others. Its eye-catching, classy and luxurious design surely captivates everyone's attention.

Dinosaur Dung based watch

Sophisticated timepiece builds a powerful fashion statement and manufactured from fossilized Dinosaur-dung and its stylish band is made from American Cane toad. Highly defined structure of the latest Dinosaur Dung based watch is possess and reflects the top quality craftsmanship. Its stylish and extraordinary design reveals the unusual and attractive features which cherish its users totally. Artya adorable watch set to retail for $11,290 which at once seems too much expensive but its looks really appeal to your mind...

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

JVC Everio GZ-HM1 camcorder

Hi-tech Camcorders evolved as the most popular handy device which enables you to capture video easily. JVC has released its impressive Everio GZ-HM1 camcorder this year which just fully refreshed the device with marvelous potential. The improved technology makes its necessary to fully load the device with advanced features that allow better recording, higher resolution and easier editing. JVC has proudly launched innovative applications based camcorder which efficiently supplies all the trendy features. This JVC is best manufactured with micro sdhc card which definitely delivers a high quality pictures.

JVC Everio GZ-HM1 camcorder

JVC Everio GZ-HM1 camcorder is capable to support 1080p video capturing technique and flawlessly has 10.6-megapixel which easily works in dim light conditions. The device is well connected with back-illuminated CMOS sensor with a number of superior features such as Konica Minolta lens (10x optical zoom), optical designed picture stabilization, internal storage capacity of 64GB and micro sdhc card expansion slot. Even the model is boost with microphone input and headset output facility with a highly defined range of controls. It is finally expected that JVC Everio GZ-HM1 will cost you around $1,199.95. Hence the device seems to be so easy and amazing that you can't resist yourself from exploring it once...

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Relive those beautiful Moments with TGP-701MG DPF Digital Photo Frame

Are you looking for something that just fits into your house? And just be a part of your house like your favourite piece of furniture? Well, you will kind of get attached to this piece of frame! This digital photo frame by Transgear is the perfect fit for your home. It has an amazing display of 7-inch that supports MOV and AVI playback. You could also connect to your mobile with the MagicSync which transfers the pictures from the mobile to the Digital Photo Frame that it offers, a complete new feature of this Transgear TGP-701MG DPF that would help you live your beautiful moment's everyday!

Transgear TGP-701MG DPF

Looking for the perfect gift for Christmas? Well, this will make just a very perfect gift to be given to anyone. "Memories are for lifetime" and this Digital frame keeps those moments alive forever in front of your eyes so that you can feel that bliss everytime you take a look at it.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sharp JD-4C1CL combo of cordless phone & digital photo frame

Certainly we all like to add the most thrilling and electrifying concept in our home electronic gadgets. Sharp has upgraded the Cordless phones range by adding new application of digital photo frame with it. As the cordless are the vital alliance in every home this latest Sharp's modification will bring enjoyment in your lifestyle. Now you don't need to spend extra bucks on separate digital photo frame and display your images in a unique & stylish way. Sharp JD-4C1CL cordless phone is finely stretched with many dynamic features and operations.

Sharp JD-4C1CL cordless phone

Sharp JD-4C1CL cordless phone
is highly defined with awesome 4.3" LCD touchscreen display. With such an amazing display capacity it has many other built-in facilities which include clock, calendar, photo album and phone book application also. One more additional feature is that you can store images with the contact numbers as well. Just go ahead and replace your boring landline or cordless with the brand combo pack of digital photo frame and cordless phone at a nominal price of $110 only...

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Disney's DM005SH 22-diamonds cellphone

All the Disney lovers will be amazed to watch the latest DM005SH diamond cellphone launched by Himfr and you can get this 22-diamond integrated cellphone in different sizes, carrying Disney label on it. DM005SH masterly designed cellphone surely boost the market with its impressive looks and upgraded functionality. If you are looking for classy gadgets then this phone stand first in the list. Despite of wide range of cellphones this ultimate device ideally captures everybody's attention at just one glance.

Disney's DM005SH 22-diamonds cellphone

Disney's DM005SH 22-diamonds cellphone primarily supports 8MP camera and highly defined 3.4" FWGA screen display. Even the Disney logo is wonderfully inscribed on its keyboard will be the center of attraction for everyone. Apart from these impressive features, the device is pre-loaded with amazing themes of Disney. The sporty cellphone definitely set a new trend among the youths with its glorious looks. Till yet its pricing has not been fixed but it will drive you all crazy with its impressive design and functions...

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Monday, January 10, 2011

50 Interesting Christmas gifts for 2010

Christmas is a season of coming together, enjoying, and sharing; sharing of gifts, and love. The Christmas memories and the togetherness with those you love lingers in your mind throughout the year and makes you look forward for another year and another season of togetherness, love and some exciting new Christmas gifts.

christmas gifts

1. Solar System in My Room Motorized Planets with Light up Sun

Solar System in My Room

Solar System in My Room Motorized Planets with Light up Sun makes learning about the universe a fun topic for the children. Encourage learning without preaching with toys and gifts for kids that catch their fancy and cultivate interest.

2. Sim Free HTC Touch HD Mobile Phone

simfree HTC touchHD

The sim free Touch HD Mobile Phone lets you enjoy music videos, films and streaming and give an exhilarating internet browsing experience. Lace it with HTC mobile Accessories for optimum use.

3. Shake N Wake Silent Alarm Clock


The shake and wake alarm clock is an amazing gadget that makes sure you wake up on time without disturbing your roomie. Wear it like a wrist watch or keep under the pillow and it vibrates and shakes and wakes you up.

4. Official Nintendo DS Lite Flip & Play Leather Case - Pink

nintedo ds Pink case

The stylish leather case stores the Ds console and protects it from scratches and dust. Ultimate for the Nintendo wii games lovers for quick access and easy portability.

5. Ninja Bread Men Cookie Cutters

ninja cookie cutters

The set of 3 stainless steel ninja cutters makes them great products. Especially favourite amongst the kids who love to munch on cookies shaped liked the fighter ninjas.

6. Joby Gorillatorch Flashlight

JOBY Gorillatorch

The joby gorilla torch flashlight is a highly useful gadget to have. It can be used during night journeys or camping. With super wrap able and flexible legs it can even stand as a tripod and be wrapped around a rod or a branch to illuminate your target.

7. Jabra Cruiser Bluetooth In Car Speakerphone


With dual microphone technology enjoy hands free mobile experience. The Bluetooth headset lets you play music and take calls through your car stereo. With noise reduction other excellent features it makes a great mobile accessory to have.

8. The Genie Head Massager

head genie massager

A perfect Christmas gifts product, the jenie head massager gets the blood circulation going in your head. Relaxes and soothes the nerves and also can induce sleep. Help yourself with the massager on your neck head and temples and get into a blissful state.

9. iBallz Original Shock Absorbers for iPad & Kindle ? Black

IBALLZ tablet

The apple iballz shock absorber for the iPad, holds it firmly and saves from not only shocks and jerks but also scratches, the harness is extremely effective to protect the iPad when in kids hands and for superior handling during gaming.

10. The Original Glowstars Company Limited Glow Superstars

glow star

The glow stars can be a great stocking fillers item for the kids. They illuminate your room with innumerable stars and planets glowing on the roof. Experience the night under the blue sky with stars shining above right in the comforts of your very own room.

11. Robot Arm

robot arm

The robot arm is fully functional and fun to use. More over it is a great entertaining and educational process to assemble the gadget into a complete machine robot arm. It weighs less than 100 grams and is laced with led lights to have fun and play even during the night.

12. Ben 10 Licensed Alien Force Omnitrix Console Charger Dock for Nintendo DS & DSi

benten alien force

Just dock your console into the ben10 charger for console and charge them and they are ready to be used. Great gifts for kids product to gift this Christmas. Have the instant fun with Ben 10 Licensed Alien Force Omnitrix Console Charger Dock for Nintendo DS & DSi.

13. Be-ez LArobe MacBook Pro 17" Slip Case - Volute Black

beez laptop sleeve

The be-ez macbook slip case is made of low resilience polyutherene technology with a robe protection thickness of 5mm. The trendy and designer laptop accessory is convenient for providing mobility and portability to the macbook while keeping it safe and secure.

14. 3 Phono RCA Plugs to Scart Cable - 1.5M

3phone RCA plugs

The 3 phono RCA plugs to scart cable-1.5M are suitable to connect to a DVD player or a video recorder. The cables can be connected to the devices that have a scart socket to any device such as the television which has video and audio inputs on the Phono RCA sockets.

15. 3 Zte Plug n Play Broadband USB Modem - Pay as you go

3zte broadband plugnplay

The super light weight USB modem runs smoothly on your laptop or computer and need a minimum of 50MB hard disk space. 1It is quick and easy with auto install facility. So USB auto installs and is very much hassle free.

16. Wii Fit Plus with Wii Balance Board for Nintendo Wii

wii fit plus

The wii fit plus allows a fine workout and exercises your body to keep fit. The fitness regime is doubled up with fun and games and thus one indulges into it regularly without feeling lazy about it. It is a revolutionary product bay the nintendo wii games.

17. Be-ez LeVertigo Notebook Bag for 12" - 15.4" - Silver/Blue

beeze vertigo silverbag

This bag has very classy and shining silver and charcoal combination. It looks great and with the belt is very easy to carry along. The laptop accessory comfortably houses the notebook without looking bulky and looks quite trendy and chic.

18. Logic3 I-Station Rotate for Apple iPod & iPhone 3G

apple ipod3g istation

Logic3 I-Station Rotate for Apple iPod & iPhone 3G can be used with ease due to its portability and the built in rotating doc feature. The gadget has all the mobility comforts and is one of the trendiest gadgets and hi-tech ones found in the market.

19. Kingston Elite Pro 4GB Compact Flash (CF) Card Fast 45x

kingston 4gb card

The Kingston elite pro gives higher write speeds and lower power consumption. It will be a perfect gifts article this Christmas to the PC owners. It is something worth the money and useful to the fullest.

20. Nokia Wireless Plug-in Car Hands free HF-35W

nokia plugin car handsfree

The Nokia Wireless Plug-in Car Hands free comes with a compact speaker, a microphone and also supports Bluetooth technology for a wireless connectivity. The wireless gadget provides an easy and hassle free communication when on road.

21. Hands free In-Ear Headphones with Mic for Apple iPhone 4

apple iphone handsfree

The hands free earphones are a great stocking fillers article this Christmas. They are the ultimate for music lovers and reduce noise to the optimum.

22. Rocky Balboa Men?s Dressing Gown / Bathrobe

rocky robe

All the rocky fans can rejoice with the Rocky Balboa Men?s Dressing Gown, and don the attire similar to their idol. A perfect gifts for him to all the macho men out there.

23. Chalk Mug

chalk mug

The coffee mug has a blackboard on its surface and one can scribble messages on it. Scribble merry Christmas and just gift for christmas to the one who is habitual to forgetting things.

24. Muc-Off Screen Cleaning Rescue Kit

screen cleaning kit

Keep the screens clean with the Muc-Off Screen Cleaning Rescue Kit. A perfect cleaning solution before Christmas, everything should look new and prim, even your iPhone, iPod, Laptop and LCDs.

25. SanDisk Cruzer Micro U3 8GB with Ready Boost

USB scndsk crusier

The SanDisk Cruzer Micro U3 8GB with Ready Boost provides space enough to carry your favourite wall papers, music, pics etc. All the Cruzer USB has Skype facility which enables one the voice and video chatting with friends and some loved ones.

26. Addict ball Large Maze Puzzle Game

addict ball maze

The addict ball is a maze puzzle for all the young and the old alike. With 138 numbered stages of spirals, drops, swinging arms, flips, slides and more it is a very interesting game to play.

27. Switch Easy Pure Reflect for iPhone 3G & 3GS

purereflect iPhone guard

A perfect gifts for her article, gift it to your gal and shell love it. A Switch Easy Pure Reflect for iPhone is so reflective it doubles up as a mirror and a very girl accessory for her.

28. High Capacity Battery for Sony Digital Camera - NP-BG1

battery 4sony digicam

The infolithiyum battery is some extra power to your digital camera, so when you want to capture that perfect moment you don?t have to worry about running out of batteries.

29. Linksys Wireless-G Access Point - WAP54G

linksys wireless

The Linksys wireless-G access point is a networking gadget ,faster than the usual wireless B products found in homes, business and public wireless hotspots. They can also work in sync with the wireless B hotspot.

30. Zip Bin Country Stable Play Pack

zipbin bag

The Zip Bin Country Stable Play Pack is colourful and a perfect gifts for kids. It has two horses, two riders and two jumps. It opens up flat to a horse themed play mat.

31. Sim Free Samsung Diva S7070 Mobile Phone

samsung diva

The pearl white Samsung Diva is the best of mobile phones; it is an embodiment of style and sophistication, It makes a perfect extension to an impeccable design sense.

32. Remote Control Tarantula with Light-up Eyes

remote ctrl spider

The remote control tarantula is a fascinating toy with eyes that light up. Get evil with the big bully and frighten him with the tarantula. Perfect boys toys to get even with bullying batch mates and cousins. Caution: Do not use it on girls to frighten them, it might sound fun but it will risk getting caught and a scolding or may be a beating.

33. Pet's Eye View Camera

pets eyeview

Want to know what your pet is up to, a Pet's Eye View Camera lets you keep a tab. Get the gadget for your pet and you?ll know what he is looking at and what he is up to.

34. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Night Vision Goggles

call of duty night-vision-goggles

The Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Night Vision Goggles are a wearable pair of goggles, they come with a display head stand. They are custom designed and painted to resemble the goggles in the game. A great video game accessory for those owning a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game.

35. SanDisk Sansa e260 MP3 Player 4GB

mp3 player

Listen to your favourite songs on the SanDisk Sansa e260 MP3 Player 4GB. A perfect gift for the music lovers.

36. PMR Motor Bike Full-Face Helmet Speaker & Microphone System

motorbike helmet

For those who love driving fast a helmet becomes a must. The PMR Motor Bike Full-Face Helmet Speaker & Microphone System is a great gifts for him and comes laced with hi-tech applications and a microphone.

37. Disney Sing It High School Musical with Microphone for Nintendo Wii

highschool musical

A perfect gift for the high school musical fans. Interact and sing, and mix and match your favourite characters and songs and enjoy the experience with the Disney Sing It High School Musical with Microphone for Nintendo Wii

38. Desktop Hetty Vacuum Cleaner

desktop hetty

The Desktop Hetty Vacuum Cleaner is very compact and the miniature format of the original hetty vacuum cleaner. The gadget proves to be very handy to clean the desktop and other smaller areas in a jiffy.

39. Official Street Fighter IV Fight Pad for Sony PS3 ? Ken

fightpad sonyps3

The Official Street Fighter IV Fight Pad for Sony PS3 ? Ken is a great game for the gamers who love the fight it out games. Specially designed for the fight lovers the game offers lag-free 2.4 GHz wireless game play, separate turbo settings for each button and great ergonomics.

40. Choc-u-lator - Smells & Looks like Chocolate

choc u lator

The calculator that looks and smells like chocolate. A great gadget for all those obsessed with chocolates, specially the kids and gals who love to gorge on the sweet delicasy.

41. Cobra MT975 Walkie Talkie Radios 12KM Twin Value Pack

walkie talkie

The cobra MT975 Walkie Talkie has countless features. Laced with all the latest and in vogue functions and features it is a rage amongst youngsters. Its reception area covers 12 km distance and communication is made possible within that range free of charge.

42. Retractable USB Mini Optical Mouse

USB rectractable mouse

The Retractable USB Mini Optical Mouse is portable, and comes with a USB drive plugin that makes it easy to use and install and a great Christmas gifts article. The retractable feature makes sure that the wire doesn?t entangle or succumb to wear and tear while it is stacked up in a bag or not plugged in to the computer , laptop or any such device.

43. 3 Plug n Play Broadband Stick USB Modem - Pay as you go

Usb modem

The 3 Plug n Play Broadband Stick USB Modem is a quicker option to get connected. Plus the gadget provides freedom from wires and hotspots. Just plug it on and start off.

44. Sing Star Wireless Microphones for PS2/PS3

singstar microphones

Bring out the singer in you with the Sing Star Wireless Microphones for PS2/PS3. With these you can sing dance and have fun. With improved high quality sound they are compatible with PS2 and PS3. The product is great for using as stocking fillers.

45. Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter for iPod and iPhone

Griffin Transmitter

The Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter for iPod and iPhone is an ideal powerful FM transmitter paired with an intuitive interface . So it is super iPhone or iPod accessory to play on any FM radio

46. Hornby East Coast Pullman Train Set - R1097

hornby trains

The Hornby East Coast Pullman Train Set - R1097 are great gifts for kids, and make real good railway layouts. The hornby train set are a big well known and reputed brand with a great fan following.

47. Snack and Stack

easy snak pack

The snack stack spoons forks and knives come with special handles that fit into each other and can fit into a compact space. This makes them a perfect product for stacking for outings, lunch boxes and travelling. The snack stack can be a great product for stocking fillers during Christmas.

48. Cosy Remote Control Tidy - Cool Grey

remote holder

The Cosy Remote Control Tidy is an interesting product and very useful too. Those who have to search all around the living room for the remote every time they want to switch on the television will definite agree and endorse its usability. It makes a cool Christmas gift for a family always fighting and diving for remotes.

49. Original BlackBerry Pearl 3G Series Hardshell Skin - White/Pink

blackberry pearl

A perfect accessory for the blackberry3g series, Original BlackBerry Pearl 3G Series Hardshell Skin - White/Pink protects the black berry from dust and scratches, makes a perfect gifts for her with the extremely pink and pretty look.

50. Intelex DJ Ice Teddy Bear Speakers

teddybear speakers

The Intelex DJ Ice Teddy Bear Speakers is a cool cute soft toy speaker enabling one to plug in your Smartphone, iPhone or the MP3 players. With excellent sound quality and a lovable appearance they are perfect Christmas gifts for the teenage daughter or as gifts for kids.

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