Thursday, March 29, 2012

Polarized Privacy Monitor Mod For Your Eyes Only

Finally you can do something with your worn out pair of glasses and old LCD monitor. You can turn it into a privacy monitor, only viewable while wearing the polarized or so called magical glasses. With few tools like a pair of glasses, x-acto knife, some solvent, tissue papers, screw driver and such and little effort you can make it by yourself. The following steps are easy to follow and will help you make one for yourself and let the people around you think that you have gone crazy..!!!

Step 1: Take the monitor apart and unscrew all the screws from the flap.

Step 2: Next you need to cut down the polarized film using the cutting tool along the edges. Most LCD monitors have two films on the display screen – a polarized screen to filter the light and a frosted anti-glare film. Once cut, start peeling off and make sure to save & remember the orientation the polarized film.

Step 3: On removal of the film the glue is likely to stick on to the glass. Clean this messy screen with the help of some solvent and wipe it with the paper towels.

Step 4: After cleaning the glass screen assemble everything back the way it was. The screen appears to be white and now you can test the monitor with the polarized film before making the glasses.

Step 5: Remove the lenses from your glasses, scan and trace the parts. Cut the polarized film so as to fit your glasses one by one. Finally assemble it and get yourself ready for the chills & thrills that your new sunglasses might offer to you.

You can see the screen only with the polarized glasses, rest of the time the screen appears to be white. It is a great way if you want to keep your data confidential while travelling, at home or in office.