Monday, September 6, 2010

Strengthen your wrists with the NSD Powerball 250HZ pro blue screamer

The NSD Powerball 250 HZ pro blue screamer is a perfect device to work on your wrists. It is the fastest spinning device and one of the best selling once too. It is perfect for golfers, cricketers, musicians, and basket ball, badminton and hockey players too. The NSD powerball is recommended for patients suffering from arthritis, tennis elbow, repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome and provides gentle rehabilitation.


• Comes with a digital speed meter
• Very useful for extreme power bowlers
• It has a series of precision holes drilled in the rotor
• These holes enhance the jet fighter sound.
• It is useful for rehabilitation in the Carpal tunnel syndrome
• The RPM counter allows the monitoring of daily increase in strength
• Not suitable for Children Under 14yrs

Use of power ball in sports activities:

• It give and extra edge while flicking the wrist for a badminton shot
• Builds up stamina for mountaineering, cycling etc
• It helps those who are into water sports like rowing swimming etc
• It makes your hockey strokes power packed.
• The cricket bat handled with force
• Shots can be nicely placed if you have powerful wrists
• It has amazing results for almost all kind of sports and sports people

The Powerball gadget makes the sound of a jet fighter thus helping the adrenalin rush and the user to do better and stronger. It is an absolutely stunning sports gadget and adds a competitive edge to the entire process by setting the highest score to beat. The Powerball has a gyroscope inside it set in motion quickly and easily with a starter cord. With it you can feel the gyroscopic movements in your hand and as the speed of the ball increases so does the pressure on your hand. The NSD Powerball 250 HZ pro blue screamer gives your arm a dynamic work out.

source:- gadgetsnews

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pluses and Minuses of Powerball Signature

Powerball Signature with a speed range of over 16,000 rpm is aptly called the best hand gyroscope. It is very easy to use and a very effective way to exercise your hand. You need to hold it in your hand and try to hold it as long as you can. Gradually you will notice your hands becoming strong. One thing to remember is it is not for all. Only people above the age of 14 years can play it.

The pluses of Powerball can be enumerated as below:

• It is compact and needs very less place to store. This makes it an excellent thing to be carried on tours or picnics.

• It makes it exercising really easy, whether you are at home or office you can use it and nobody will even know you are using it because it will perfectly fit in your hand.

• It is a good way to strengthen muscles and tissues and works best in case of injured muscle.

The negatives on the other hand include

• New designs might enter the market and if it does your previous one will be less useful.

• Price of Powerful increase and decrease at any point of time

• It does not come with any guarantee as to how much time will be enough to build on how much muscle

There are no major demerits of Powerball. All in all it is an excellent device to exercise and have fun.