Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TRUtablet 9 highly-defined 8.9 inch multi-touch LCD screen

After the tremendous popularity of laptops or notebooks, now it's the time of e-readers and tablets to get flourished. Present generation considered them as highly-upgraded and impressively designed gadgets. Contributing to this fact, TRUtablet has come up with its magnetic 8.9 inch multi-touch LCD screen TRUtablet 9. Truly, these hottest gadgets crafted with captivating features inspire everyone with its powerful Windows 7 updated operating system.

TRUtablet 9 highly-defined 8.9 inch multi-touch LCD screen

TRUtablet 9 highly-defined 8.9 inch multi-touch LCD screen other min-blowing specifications include:

* Runs on Intel ATOM N270 1.6GHz processor

* Intel GMA950 video card

* 1 GB of DDR2 RAM

* Microsoft Window 7 home premium operating system

* 8.9" multitouch LCD screen with 1024X768 of resolution

* 1.3 Megapixel camera

* Equipped with three USB ports

* SD card slot

* 16 GB of internal memory storage capacity

* Bluetooth 2.0 and WiFi 802.11+n connectivity

* Dimensions: 10 X 6.6 X 0.8 inch

* Weight: 2lbs

* Available price: $649 only.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Huawei dashing Smakit S7 Tablet

With the new Huawei dashing Smakit S7 you can think of replacing your old tablet with highly advanced wide 7-inch touchscreen display. You can well imagine that this newly capacitated tablet will improvise the workability. The supreme new gadget functionality will gain much admiration due to its high end technology which efficiently maintains knowledge-sharing across cell phones, TV & computer screens carrying similar features which are present around the world.

Huawei dashing Smakit S7 Tablet

Huawei dashing Smakit S7 Tablet
has a magnifying resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and modified Android interfaced capability. Modish tablet enables an easy accessibility of visiting social networking internet sites, shopping from online application stores and also collecting local information. It can frequently associate with TV, Android handsets, mobile phones and home entrance, which provide its owners an integrated home resolution. Be ready to experience a powerful impact of exclusively designed tablet...

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Samsung UN55C7000 55-inch LED 3DTV

Enhance your entertainment level with the smart Samsung magnifying 3D TV known as the Samsung UN55C7000. In spite of innumerable electronic gadgets you can't deny the importance of TV in your life. With this technological innovation of Samsung LED TV, you can fully enjoy the display of 55-inch screen, HDMI and supreme HD 1080p resolution. Giant TV screen proffers an absolute visual pleasure by providing high quality display with 240 Hz technology promising the quick on-screen action with an utmost clarity.

Samsung UN55C7000 55-inch LED 3DTV

Heart-throbbing Samsung UN55C7000 55-inch LED 3DTV is supported with four 1.3 version of HDMI and competent computer input as well. Its 3D capacity efficiently leaps-off the screen with its superior technology and the device perfectly gives an extra width and depth in viewing videos. Wondrous gadget brightens up the screen and improves the volume quality ass compare to the normal TV's. Just bring happiness in your dull life with the fantastic device at price of £3,299.99 from Amazon...

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

ACO iF23 magnificent HD monitor

Highly defined LCD monitor from AOC is an exceptional device for the people who really believe in the finest technology. The device is fully compatible with all the modern interiors of your home or office. Moreover the latest AOC iF23 has both good manufacturing qualities and eye-catching looks along with an inclusion of advanced techniques. Every modern consumer will find HD monitor as the perfect model for their multimedia requirements and regular work.

ACO iF23 HD monitor

ACO iF23 HD monitor
proffer a wide 23" screen display with improved IPS sections and an innovative blue or white polished photo frame design. It has a super 250 cd/m2 brightness, 1920X1080 pixel of fine HD resolution, 6-ms of response time and better contrast ratio of 100000:1. Despite of all these striking features, the device is well-equipped with DVI and D-Sub connection and a HA24 height-adjustable base (optional) monitor. All the fascinating features surely encourage you to buy ACO iF23 HD monitor which is finalize to sell at a cost of $370...

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Give luxury to your living room with 46 inch Samsung LE46B650T2 LCD HDTV

Samsung LE46B650T2 LCD HDTV is the new horizon in the entertainment world. This 46 inch broad screen Samsung LE46B650T2 is Eco friendly. It uses dual injection technology and no spray paint is used giving relaxation from the emission of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). As it has efficient power consumption it saves energy and its 90% parts are recyclable. It captures the fastest scenes with precision and blur-free as it runs at 100 Hz to 200 Hz with the help of Samsung Motion Plus. The Ultra Clear Panel improves its picture quality. And the new anti-reflective coating reduces reflection and displaying vibrant depth of colour.

Samsung LE46B650T2 LCD HDTV

? Eco friendly Crystal TV giving flawless image.
? Samsung FHD Crystal Engine
? 4 HDMI ports
? 100hz Motion Plus
? The ultra clean Panel
? Full 1080p HD quality
? Internet TV
? Content Library, Game mode
? USB 2.0
? X2 Scart
? DLNA enabled

You remain updated about weather, Sports result, YouTube and the stock markets by its internet facility by the Widgets. You can have a wired or wireless connection depending upon the choice. It can be made wireless by the Samsung wireless LAN adaptor. The photo sharing services like Flickr is available with the help of photo widget. The most appealing attribute is the DLNA (Digital Network Alliance) which turns it into digital media player hence removing the job of first transferring the files to USB storage device and then connecting it to the LCDTV. Addition to these it has a preloaded content library having preloaded notes on education, cooking, health and many other. The library can be updated and customized with time. So isn?t it a master piece to decorate your living room?

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

High-capacity of latest Sandisk-32GB micro sdhc card

Sleek designed SanDisk proves to be the major source for creating various USB data drives. Here comes powerful 32GB Sandisk with micro sdhc card which highly ensures security and validation of USB drives. Now all the trendy customers who are carrying branded smart phones or cell phones can conveniently make their life more easy and enjoyable. The device perfectly allows you to store additional contact details on your Smartphone applications such as Phonebook, images and many other audio files as well.

Sandisk-32GB micro sdhc card

Sandisk-32GB micro sdhc card
provide secure, flexible and reliable solutions with its super storage capacity. SanDisk is available in 2GB to 16GB storage capacities which carefully solve its user problems. This highly capacitated sdhc memory card offers immense recording capacity and at faster speed. It is completely an advanced form of the reliable secured device and is priced at USD200. Just make your life it more flexible by appropriately selecting the required device...

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Go Green with the New Eco Friendly iPad Accessories

The release of iPad has brought a revolution in the market. The Market is full with various patterns and designs of iPad accessories. And to add to the chart many environment conscious designers have created various innovative and stylish iPad accessories for displaying, charging and projecting your iPad. So let?s have look at the latest and impressive designer iPad cases.

Vers Audio Bamboo iPad Case:

Among them one is the Vers Audio Bamboo iPad Case. This beautiful case and display stand is made from the US hardwoods and the renewable bamboo with the hidden steel reinforcing frame. This frame along with the look gives the superb protection and projection to the iPad. It is not bulky too so can be carried easily. And for the every plant used in iPad creation, the company plants the other 100 tress through a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation and the US Forestry Service. Isn?t it a great initiative? And this bamboo iPad case comes only for $79.99.

Cork Sleeves by Ryan Frank for TAPE:

Cork Sleeves by Ryan Frank for TAPE

The other eco friendly design for covering your iPad with style is Cork Sleeves by Ryan Frank for TAPE. This low-fi sleeve is designed by the Ryan Frank for UK independent record label TAPE. It is prepared with the sustainable cork grown in Portugal and is handmade in the UK. The cork has only one standard color but the side stitching is done with various different colours. The iPad sleeve may be available at price lower than £20.

ColcaSacs iPad cases:

ColcaSacs iPad case

And last but not the least is the ColcaSacs iPad cases. These are made from the tough hemp and fleece fabric material which are gentle on environment and has a snug fit like a glove leaving no slack between your iPad and the case. They are handmade in Salt Lake City, UT and the company always donates its one percent sales for purchasing land in the environmentally sensitive areas. There is wide range of the colors available and it comes for $30.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

D & G Designer Women Watch steal Heart at just One Glance

Watch is the accessory that every person likes to wear. And with market flooding with amazing designer watches it becomes difficult to resist oneself from buying one! And so is my condition. I am a fashionable person at heart so love keeping collections. My latest addition are the two stunning designer watches from D & G; the Night and Day Women Designer Watch and the DW0330 Scotland Women Designer Watch.

D & G NIGHT & DAY Women Designer Watch

D & G Night and Day Designer Watch is the all time perfect watch. It can be worn for any occasion at anytime as the name Night and Day itself suggests its flexibility with time. It has fully Crystal sets on the head and strap. It has a D & G personalised attractive buckle and a crystal embedded black dial with a Mineral Glass cover. It is the most sought after watch of D & G!

D & G NIGHT & DAY Women Designer Watch

? D & G Personalised Jewellery Buckle
? Black Finished Dial
? Water resistance to 30m
? Quartz movement
? Stainless Steel case and Bracelet
? Comes with Two years manufacture?s Guarantee
? Complete Crystal sets in head and strap

D & G DW0330 Women Scotland Designer Watch

DW0330 Designer Watch is just every woman?s dream. Its half crystal embedded strap glitters beautifully and the rest half is plain polished. It is a bracelet come watch perfect for party wear as its crystal dazzle beautifully! It has a silver dial with 13mm wide and 19mm height Case together with fixed bezel.

DW0330 Scotland Women Designer Watch

? Full Stainless Steel Case
? Silver Color Dial
? Has a hidden Clasp
? 30 m Water Resistant
? Quartz movement
? A fixed Bezel with a 13 x 19 mm Case diameter

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Compact Bluetooth headset easily passes off as a chic earring

The very compact Bluetooth headset a designer gadget that resembles an earring is an award winning gadget. The very trendy gadget is designed by Ilshat Garipov a Russian designer, and it woos one into buying it. It is visibly inspired by the water droplet and meticulously designed to perfection. With a classy cool finish the water droplet formation Bluetooth headset looks awesome. It has only one button used for on and off operations to receive and end calls.

With the latest mantra being thin is in and small is actually big the gadget perfectly fit into the young generation trendy gadgets category. If you have a gadget freak gal then this can be one of the best gifts for her. It is an ultimate piece of jewellery that serves functionality as well as fashion. The ultimate ultra tech look, it looks like a mysterious gadget from a Sci-Fi movie.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

A Wi-Fi detecting watch for all those who are hooked to the net

Today the word globalization has been realised due to abundant awareness and use of internet. And many people have been hooked to the World Wide Web, for many things like information, networking and entertainment. So a watch that?s very compact and can multipurpose and can be carried along almost anywhere comes as a boon.

wifi watch


1. It has a Wi-Fi detection feature and also operates as a watch.
2. It has an hourly chime feature and lap memory
3. It also has the facility to set alarms and timers.
4. Other features include a chronograph and a dual time facility
5. It detects interference intensity up to 2.4ghz signal
6. Detects AP stations over 100 metres outdoors
7. It is Anti-static and Shock Proof and Water-Resistant

The Wi-Fi detecting watch is very handy and detects Wi-Fi no matter whatsoever and keeps you connected. It?ll reveal the strength of local Wi-Fi connections at the touch of a button and one can select the best location from those to hook up.

Apart from the essential Wi-Fi detecting features, it?s an amazing timepiece too and with all the functionality like the alarm, countdown timer, world time zone mode and calendar, it becomes a must have product.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The new Solar Charger Backpack for your laptops

Now technology is taking its turn and bringing up solar gadgets every now and then. With the rise in the solar gadget the new multipurpose solar charger backpack is truly sensational. This new charger comes with 10,000mAh battery pack which can power up all the laptops, media players, mobile phones etc. It also has an ultrasonic mosquito repeller which gives you perfect peace. This solar charger laptop backpack has most of the power socket which are needed and also includes 8 other laptop connectors.

Solar charger backpack

This wonderful device can output 19v, 13-16.8v, 13v & 9v @3.5A and 5V@1A power. Almost all your gadgetry products can be recharged by this wonderful device. It can also be recharged via the AC power or with direct sunlight. This is a great device for carrying in your travels and you would enjoy its company. So what are you plotting? Wanna have this device, the get it just for $189.00.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Win the battlefields with the avant-garde LG gaming display, W63

Win all the battlefields with the avant-grade LG gaming display, the W63. Now you can break all the record in the gaming world with this LG gaming display, its truly like coming out of the display and playing the game, very effective and compelling. This gadget is really boon to the gamers, which comes in 23-inch and with its new Thru mode, thus throws out the image processing to give you the zero-delay visuals, its ace to have this display.

LG gaming display, the W63

You can get the brightness of 300 nits, contrast ratio of 1,000:1, an HDMI cable, and response time of 2ms and clear image quality, which is peerless and flawless. It also suffices a Tru light equalizer which is positioned at the base level of the display and it's pulsated out according to the audio. It's the best one you had ever imagined. Well the pricing list and its availability in the market are still not out. So lets wait and watch that what it bring for us.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Want to print your docs, then here's the new POP, Portable Printer

Are you annoyed of caring lots of printed documents wherever you go? Than POP is the solution for you. It's the Portable printer, a small one for your needs. We are in the portable epoch and so all the things should be portable and handy like this new gadget. This small printer has cool design, but still this concept is not turned to reality so we need to wait for a bit, well it looks like a flash drive and it may be mistaken sometimes.

Its small in design and so do small work, you can't print your loads of documents from this device, but it's a good source in emergency. This cool device measures 23/6 cm and you can keep it in your purse or shoulder bag. For printing your documents from USB you need to attach it with your PC and then get the prints. Well the surprise comes up, this small device has an OLED screen on its block thus you can check the printing status over there. This devices has inner battery which can be used thus there is no need of any external source, great! I think this small version of printer will be legendry in the industry if it comes up!