Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Powerball exercise plan

Yes, it is important. Good Exercise Plan will take you to better results in shorter time. Bad one can make you stuck on some level forever and very bad can even damage your body or Powerball. Here I want to describe my own Exercise Plan which helped me to improve my High Speed scores on 1000 rpm in about one month time.

First of all, I have to say that I am exercising every day at about 22:00. You can do it in your most convenient time, for different people time for best workout is different, some like morning, some evening, there are people doing it at night too. You must find best for your own, it is very personal, but also very important. Choosing wrong time could reduce the efficiency of exercises and also will not help much with your scores.

Another important thing is washing your hands. You have probably heard it so many times from your parents and other older people that you have to wash your hands before the lunch. Well, with Powerballing those are not just words. You MUST wash your hands before every session, otherwise your grip will be weak, you will suffer from bad blisters and very possible that your scores will be hundreds of rpm lower than you can actually reach. I use dish washing liquid soap for that. My favored one is "Fairy"

The Plan

1. Wash you hands
2. Put your Powerball counter in Revs mode.

3. Do Akis Complex. 30 seconds per each hand per each exercise. No resting. Switching hands after every 30 seconds.

4. Write down your 15 minutes revolutions into your spreadsheet
5. Wash your hands, rest for 5 minutes
6. Switch counter to Strength Mode

7. Do Full Round Two Hand UPC (Ultimate Powerball Challenge) session:

LH30s + RH30s + LH60s + RH60s + LH90s + RH90s + LHHS + RHHS = 2HUPC

/here LH - left hand, RH - right hand, HS - high speed, 30s, 60s, 90s - 30, 60, 90 seconds/

8. Write down your LH UPC (sum left hand scores), RH UPC (sum right hand scores) and 2HUPC (sum all scores)
9. Wash your hands good, rest for 5 minutes
10. Do 10 High Speed runs for each hand.(you might take video here :-) )

11. Write down (or photograph) your scores
12. Wash you hands, rest for 5 minutes
13. Run 90 second Strength session with both hands switching (you take video here :-) )
14. Write down (or photograph) your scores
15. Wash your hands, rest for 5 minutes
16. Run two hands session with one Powerball. You hold Powerball with both hands
17. Run dual hands session with two Powerballs, each for each hand, simultaneously.
18. Wash you hands
19. The End.

source : mypowerball

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What is powerballing about?

That is may be the main question for all people which have seen, held or spun this thing. Many will say it is about power, strength. Some will say that it is about technique, direction, vibration. Some say endurance, some impulse.

Well, here is my version and my vision. Powerballing is about singing. It is about hitting the high note. Yes, it is about frequency, and as you sing the song the same way you are powerballing. The nature of singing and powerballing is very much the same. Hitting higher note, yes you need a strength, technique, and... yes, you need the talent.

Put it in your mind, try to reach higher notes, not the speed, and you will see improvements, you will feel it and you will understand it better.

Sing your Powerball songs, my friends.

source : mypowerball

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Making rubber band for my Powerball

Many Powerball beginners, as my self, in the beginning are experiencing problems with Powerball gripping. This is because their hands are not yet used to it. Here I have the solution which could help those powerballers. Must say that this is the best idea I have found so far.
Additional rubber band on lower shell improves your grip, compensates unwanted vibration and protects your fingers from having bad blisters. The only problem with this solution is that it is not permanent and you will have to replace overused rubber bands once in approximately two weeks of daily powerballing.

So, let's begin.
We will need one piece of Marigold's (or any similar) kitchen gloves, scissors (BTW invented by Leonardo Da Vinci), centimeter and the Powerball.

You have to cut any finger part of the glove

Then from that part you have to cut the ring of approximately 4 cm wide. That will be our rubber band.

Now take your Powerball and take off the original rubber band

Now put our Marigold rubber band on the shell

Make sure that one edge of the band will fall into the gap between the shells

From all sides

Adjust the band so the shell will look like that

Now put the original rubber band back on the powerball

It will fixate our rubber band when placed back into the gap properly

Now your Powerball is ready. It is secure and better held in your hand

Do you feel it?

The same way you can put rubber band also on the upper shell, although I believe that covering just the lower shell is enough.

source : mypowerball