Friday, November 27, 2009


Powerball gyroscope is boon for professionals who use computers and laptops for long hours and prone to develop diseases like "carpal tunnel syndrome" or "CTS" and repetitive stress injuries. With the increasing use of computers and keyboards it has become necessary for a person to exercise the wrist and hands to prevent from getting diseases and nerve compression syndrome.


Powerball is a new dynamic instrument to relax your stressed forearm nerves and muscles after doing a long hours of work on keyboard. It rejuvenates the fatigued muscles and tones them effectively. Powerball has a rotating mechanism in the form of a universally mounted spinning wheel that offers resistance to turns in any direction. It is a compact portable instrument which a person can carry anywhere and use it whenever required.

It is fitness equipment which rehabilitates the damaged or torn muscles due to injury. Orthopedicians and physiotherapists also suggest the use of Powerball in patients recovering from injury of forearm and wrists as it helps regaining the strength and endurance of the muscles.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Powerball – Benefits of using Powerball

The Powerball gyroscope is a new, addictive, multi-facetted device that is rapidly spreading across the world into the hands of the young and old alike! With its gentle yet dynamic, non impact nature and compact size it can be used anywhere and whenever you have free time. It’s a baseball sized handheld device that can be used in a rehabilitation or fun manner making it fun, sports, fitness, very addictive and pleasurable.

When first using the device, muscle burn and discomfort can occur, as is normal with any exercise, but this fades over time if used regularly as the muscle will tone and strengthen. This article will explore the benefits of using the powerball gyroscope. The speed of the device ranges from 2000 rpm to 16000 rpm and at this highest speed it is calculated that 40 lbs of resistance is being generated.

The power gyroscope can be used in a fitness sense for the shoulders, wrists and arms helping to define muscle, build and tone. Using the powerball is simple but very effective resistance training. As you build up the speed of the device the forces generated against your arm build as well.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dynamic Uses of Powerball.

Powerball which is now a days people are using more for their fitness, sports, and fun activity, because power ball which helps out in manifold parts of our body, it can be used by the young children up to old age those who are pensioners.

Powerball size is as compare to baseball, tennis ball, and diameter of powerball is 7 cm and weight will be 0.26 kg. In power ball the main important thing is how gyroscope act, powerball is an object, we don’t have to use batteries and electricity, and powerball is used for so many purpose like, those who are playing tennis, baseball then golf in all this games wrist which works more so to loop our arms and wrist, powerball is really very tremendous for the sportsmen, because when you start doing exercise by powerball, rotate the powerball with circular wrist motion in both the direction clockwise and anticlockwise and then amelioration in loop up wrist, and lower and upper arms muscles, by this we can improve our pizzazz level in the wrist and arms.

Powerball which can be used when we have injury in our wrist, because it’s works really well for our wrist, because it is very useful for the hand, finger then many other parts of the body and increase our blood flow and ligament strength.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Powerball – Tool to Strengthen your Muscles

Do you know why the powerball is used for? Is it a normal ball as we are playing in tennis or cricket game? The answer to this question is no. It is a ball which can be used for physical exercise rather than playing a game. It is an excellent tool for all levels of athletes. Its surface is very smooth and dynamic. It can help to build the muscles strength, stimulate the blood flow, and strengthen the ligaments in arms, wrist, and shoulders.

There are many activities and sports in which a human being’s has been involved like, Tennis, Golf, Shovelling, Painting, Raking, Throwing, Gardening and Pitching, Carpentry, Scrubbing which can affect their shoulder, arm, and hand and it may be resulted in a serious injury sometime. You can prevent your shoulder, arm, and elbow by warming up and gently rubbing power ball on the painful area. It is only effective when you use it for 5-10 minutes in your daily exercise. As it is a small in size, you can use it anywhere and anytime. It comes with the speedometer which offers a great fun time pass amongst your friends to see who can spin it faster. In the cases of weaknesses, you are feeling in your hand, tendency to carry an object, constant pain in your fingers, the Chiropractors generally recommend to you to use power ball rather than using any other exercising tool. Power can generate approximately 40lbs of resistance at the highest speed of 16000 rpm to the minimum of 2000 rpm.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Powerball exercise plan

Yes, it is important. Good Exercise Plan will take you to better results in shorter time. Bad one can make you stuck on some level forever and very bad can even damage your body or Powerball. Here I want to describe my own Exercise Plan which helped me to improve my High Speed scores on 1000 rpm in about one month time.

First of all, I have to say that I am exercising every day at about 22:00. You can do it in your most convenient time, for different people time for best workout is different, some like morning, some evening, there are people doing it at night too. You must find best for your own, it is very personal, but also very important. Choosing wrong time could reduce the efficiency of exercises and also will not help much with your scores.

Another important thing is washing your hands. You have probably heard it so many times from your parents and other older people that you have to wash your hands before the lunch. Well, with Powerballing those are not just words. You MUST wash your hands before every session, otherwise your grip will be weak, you will suffer from bad blisters and very possible that your scores will be hundreds of rpm lower than you can actually reach. I use dish washing liquid soap for that. My favored one is "Fairy"

The Plan

1. Wash you hands
2. Put your Powerball counter in Revs mode.

3. Do Akis Complex. 30 seconds per each hand per each exercise. No resting. Switching hands after every 30 seconds.

4. Write down your 15 minutes revolutions into your spreadsheet
5. Wash your hands, rest for 5 minutes
6. Switch counter to Strength Mode

7. Do Full Round Two Hand UPC (Ultimate Powerball Challenge) session:

LH30s + RH30s + LH60s + RH60s + LH90s + RH90s + LHHS + RHHS = 2HUPC

/here LH - left hand, RH - right hand, HS - high speed, 30s, 60s, 90s - 30, 60, 90 seconds/

8. Write down your LH UPC (sum left hand scores), RH UPC (sum right hand scores) and 2HUPC (sum all scores)
9. Wash your hands good, rest for 5 minutes
10. Do 10 High Speed runs for each hand.(you might take video here :-) )

11. Write down (or photograph) your scores
12. Wash you hands, rest for 5 minutes
13. Run 90 second Strength session with both hands switching (you take video here :-) )
14. Write down (or photograph) your scores
15. Wash your hands, rest for 5 minutes
16. Run two hands session with one Powerball. You hold Powerball with both hands
17. Run dual hands session with two Powerballs, each for each hand, simultaneously.
18. Wash you hands
19. The End.

source : mypowerball

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What is powerballing about?

That is may be the main question for all people which have seen, held or spun this thing. Many will say it is about power, strength. Some will say that it is about technique, direction, vibration. Some say endurance, some impulse.

Well, here is my version and my vision. Powerballing is about singing. It is about hitting the high note. Yes, it is about frequency, and as you sing the song the same way you are powerballing. The nature of singing and powerballing is very much the same. Hitting higher note, yes you need a strength, technique, and... yes, you need the talent.

Put it in your mind, try to reach higher notes, not the speed, and you will see improvements, you will feel it and you will understand it better.

Sing your Powerball songs, my friends.

source : mypowerball

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Making rubber band for my Powerball

Many Powerball beginners, as my self, in the beginning are experiencing problems with Powerball gripping. This is because their hands are not yet used to it. Here I have the solution which could help those powerballers. Must say that this is the best idea I have found so far.
Additional rubber band on lower shell improves your grip, compensates unwanted vibration and protects your fingers from having bad blisters. The only problem with this solution is that it is not permanent and you will have to replace overused rubber bands once in approximately two weeks of daily powerballing.

So, let's begin.
We will need one piece of Marigold's (or any similar) kitchen gloves, scissors (BTW invented by Leonardo Da Vinci), centimeter and the Powerball.

You have to cut any finger part of the glove

Then from that part you have to cut the ring of approximately 4 cm wide. That will be our rubber band.

Now take your Powerball and take off the original rubber band

Now put our Marigold rubber band on the shell

Make sure that one edge of the band will fall into the gap between the shells

From all sides

Adjust the band so the shell will look like that

Now put the original rubber band back on the powerball

It will fixate our rubber band when placed back into the gap properly

Now your Powerball is ready. It is secure and better held in your hand

Do you feel it?

The same way you can put rubber band also on the upper shell, although I believe that covering just the lower shell is enough.

source : mypowerball

Friday, May 22, 2009

Powerball, A compact and unique exercising tool

The powerball is a great product designed for the exercise of arms, shoulders and wrists which generates huge forces ranging from 2000 rpm to 16000 rpm. It has been calculated that its highest speed creates a resistance of around 40lbs which is unbelievable but it is true.

This powerful tool can be carried any where for exercise as it is very compact, it is just as a size of an orange but a bit heavier than that. The Powerball can be used for athletes or sports persons who has frequent use of their arms, wrists and shoulders this product will surely be boon for strengthening their body parts.

This gadget is loved by all age as it can be use anywhere at anytime; it means the use of this gadget is very easy.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Powerball, The ingenious design

World’s most powerful and daedal Product is hand gyroscope Powerball, which generates speeds of more than 16,000 rpm. Increase your strength by starting up the Powerball in your hand and rotating your wrist faster you can develop stupendous speed. You will get addicted to Powerball that captivates all ages, making it the incomparable product for fun and exercise.

The size of the Powerball is as a baseball, when Powerball speeds up to 10,000rpm, the forces become much stronger. And if it is at a full tilt it creates a gargantuan pressure of around 40lbs which is revolving around 230 to 250 rounds per second which is too hard to resist. This product does not make use of batteries or any motor, only gyroscopic power. There are different Powerball available in the market having variety in led, colors, and metals. It is a fantastic product for rock climbers, water skiers, bowlers, drummers, tennis, squash, and golf players to strengthen their hand and arm.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Advantages and uses of Powerball.

The Powerball is a new device with a size of a tennis ball used for fitness for building muscles of arms, wrists and shoulders. This device enhances the strength of the muscles by exercising with it. There are various speed levels ranging from 2000 rpm to 16000 rpm which has highest speed 40lbs of resistance generated by the device. The Powerball gyroscope is useful to the persons who are related with sports activities like athletes, and players of many games such as tennis, cricket, baseball, hockey, golf etc.

If you feel any pain in any part of your hand, neck, should or back then this device is very useful which acts immediately on those body parts. It has a speedometer which helps to track the speed by which you can remember your last top speed and enhance your further steps. Professionals are also making use of this product now days with the effects and popularity of this product.

A product designed to help strengthening your wrist, arm, neck, back, fingers and shoulders.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Powerball with Blue LED - Spectacular sight!

Powerball Gyroscope fans can relish the joy of the toy with a classic blue LED light in it. Powerball rotates at a very high speeds starting from 2500 rpm and can extend upto 13000 rpm. With higher speeds, the glow of the light also increases, creating a spectacular sight.

Being a toy however it exhibits all gyroscopic properties. Perfect live model to understand physics in action, it depicts all the fundamentals of angular momentum, centripetal force and the rest. Powerball can also come to aid in minor arthritis, tendonitis and RSI problems.

To record its speed, a digital counter is on board the powerball. An amazing gadget to hold on to, it can show you some magnificient sights. Considered as a great strengthening tool and made up of durable material, it does not require battery to charge.

For all of you who want this wonderful gadget, its cost price is $49.99


Friday, February 13, 2009

Powerball - A New Exercise tool for Women’s

Many of the Women’s doesn’t like to go to gym, Am I right? So here is a solution for them. You can do exercise and make you fit with this amazing device known as Powerball at your home.

So, now you can have private gym at your home. Powerball is one of the best exercise tool, you can use it everywhere. It is a baseball size handheld device benefiting to all old and young, men or women, sports person, musicians etc for improving the overall fitness. Like it is designed to facilitate the process of recovery from injury. This device can be used for rehabilitation manner for arm and wrist injuries or to help with repetitive strain injuries. This device helps to build muscle strength, increase the blood flow and restore the full range of movement in joints. This is one of the best weight-loss devices that you can get in this respect.

You have seen above the benefit of using this Powerball, now you want to know how to use it. It is very simple to use, you put this Powerball in your hand and spin the gyroscope inside this ball by using your wrist as fast as you spin it will help to build strength in wrists, forearms and shoulders. Those who think it is very difficult to do exercise (especially women) using heavy dumbles or not like to go gym, so this is the best exercise tool for them.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Health is Wealth – Get Your Health with Funny Powerball

One of the amazing devices that make you overall fit, though it is very small in size but it is very dynamic exercise tool and on other side it is also insanely a very fun device.

Everyone knows that “Health is Wealth”, and every person is to busy in there routine work that they have no time to take care of their health and that will affect to their health, so here is one device that is very useful to men or women, young or old, sports person, musician, etc. Only you have to spend few minutes and you can make yourself fit. The quality of this device is that, you don’t want to give special time to use this device, if you are watching TV or listening music then also you can use this device.

Now you want to know what this device is. And how does it work? The name of this amazing device is “Powerball”. The aim of this device is to spin the gyroscope inside this ball by using your wrist; and that will help to build full power and strength in the wrists, forearms and shoulders and that power makes you very strong, active and fit. As you practice regularly and increase your speed of spinning that will be very beneficial to exercising your hand & fingers, and also helps prevent the chances of strain injuries. You can also have lot of fun with this funny Powerball, like you can do competitions with your friends and see who can achieve the highest score.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Powerball Makes You Active and Fit

Powerball is a compact size handheld device which is an insanely fun and very highly addictive device for males and females. This is a unique fitness device to build ample power and muscle in the arms, wrists, hands and shoulder for men and help tone the arms and shoulders for women.

These gadgets use gyroscopic force in order to apply resistance as you are spinning them. Powerball is one of the best exercise tools that many people find these to be very enjoyable to use and regularly try to see how fast they can spin them. As fast as you can spin and at the same time, you are burning calories from the resistance and this is one of the best weight-loss device that you can get in this respect. So, in this way you are making fun and at the same time build strength and get stronger. The unique device successfully shapes the line between exercise and fun. It is suitable for both male and female, young or old.

The powerball is a really dynamic object, because this device has no batteries and not using electricity, unless you have a model with revolutions per minute counter. You can rotate the powerball with a circular wrist motion in clockwise or anticlockwise in any manner you like. As you build up the speed of the powerball measured in revolutions per minute which in turn acts with a greater resistive force acting upon your wrist, lower and upper arm muscles.

The Powerball gyroscope is an outstanding tool for athletes of all levels. For rehabilitation for wrist injuries and arm this powerball gyroscope is gaining a very healthy reputation not only this but medical and chiropractic professionals are also increasing, promoting the use of Powerball gyroscopes. This is an outstanding device to help with muscle and ligament damage.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No Time to go Gym-Don’t Worry: Here’s an Amazing Exercise Tool-Powerball

The Powerball gyroscope is one of the amazing exercise tool. It is a baseball size device, that works on wrist and arm movement alone and it is also used in many sports. The aim of the gadget is to spin the gyroscope inside the ball by using your wrist. This device is used for fitness, fun, & sport and is designed to facilitate the process of recovery from injury. Let us see some different type of Powerball.

Have a Spin Experience with 350Hz Metal Powerball

The 350Hz Metal Powerball is like a mirror as flawlessly finished in a superb mirror-chrome, this amazing gyroscope gives a very good spin experience to serious Powerball enthusiast.This amazing gyroscope is very heavy as compared to the other models in the range. All 350Hz Metal products feature the 6 mode Accura V2.0 digital counter and high density rotor as standard and it also include two starting cords.

NSD Powerball Signature Series - With Glowing Sapphire

The Signature Series with six super bright white LEDs and RPM counter is a premium Neon powerball model with glowing sapphire. It also supplied with a unique mini DVD that will provide you with exercise routines. It also included a wrist strap, three starter cords and instructions.

NSD Powerball Techno – New Addition to Powerball Family

NSD Techno Powerball is an amazing addition to the Power ball family. This original gyroscope rotates your achieved score across the surface of the rotor. The rotor also displays an entrancing collection of firelines as it spins, ranging from red to blue in color and it gives a wonderful effect depending on the speed at which it is rotating.

NSD Powerball Neon Pro – Red –With six Ultra Intense LEDs

NSD Powerball Neon Pro Red contains 6 ultra intense LED's which shine vibrantly when the gyro is activated and it is the same perfectly balanced rotor as found in the 250Hz model range. The faster you spin, the brighter the LED's shine until your whole hand is swallow up in an almost strange alien like envelope of light. The Red Neon Pro contains onboard speed meter, 2 starter cords, full instructions and lifetime guarantee.

Monday, February 2, 2009

NSD Powerball 350Hz Metal - Sport and Exercise Tool

NSD Powerball 350Hz Metal is a superb gadget that has the potential in its own right to completely revolutionize the way you play your chosen game. The name we can use for this amazing device as “sport’s new wonder tool” and “Gym new exercise tool” and it is a fact that you will be completely amazed by this wonderful device and totally addicted within few seconds of picking one up for the first time.

NSD Powerball 350Hz Metal is the one of the perfect engineered products. Perfectly finished in a superb mirror-chrome, this amazing gyroscope offers the serious Powerball fan a spin experience. 350Hz Metal is presented in an exclusive and very admiring transparent magnetic display case to make sure that its beauty remains protected but in view at all times while not in use.

Nearly double the weight of the Neon or 250Hz models, the NSD Powerball 350Hz Metal applies an unusual force on the arm and wrist. All 350Hz Metal models feature our 6 mode Accura V2.0 digital counters and high density rotor as standard - also included are two starting cords and full instructions. Powerball has hit the fitness market with a passion and it will surely give you a full arm workout.

Friday, January 30, 2009

NSD Powerball Techno – Useful to Build Strength and More

Powerball is one of powerful handheld device that generating the speed of 16000 rpm. Powerball is an addictive device for all the ages. It is a one of the best useful exercise tool and use for making it deal for play and for fun. The way of using this Powerball is very simple, you put this powerball in your hand and rotate it with your wrist as fast as possible and faster you spin then you can develop unbelievable speeds and this way you can increase your strength.

NSD Powerball Techno is the newest addition of powerball product. This is suitable for men and women, young and old. You can see the score across the surface of the rotor. The rotor shows a magnetic collection of firelines when you spin and as fast you spin it gives an amazing effect ranging from red to blue in color.

This NSD Powerball Techno can generate speed up and over 16,000 rpm but it need a lot of practice to begin to get this high and also this Powerball is not suitable for children who are under 14 years of age. Powerball techno is very useful to build strength and for rehabilitation manner useful for arm and wrist injuries.

Powerball Useful For Sports, Fitness & Recovery from Injury

Powerball is a very addictive dynamic baseball size handheld device, now generally used by all the ages of people –men or women, young or old and make themselves fit and enjoying a lot.

Though this Powerball is compact in size but there are many benefits of using them like this device help to recover from injury, useful in sports, fitness manner and also for fun.

This powerball is very helpful to recover form injury like this device can be use in a rehabilitation manner for arm and wrist injuries. Medical professionals are increasing advocating the use of powerball gyroscopes and a nice gadget that help with muscle and ligament damage. This device helps to build muscle strength, increase the blood flow and restore the full range of movement in joints.

Now we see how this powerful powerball useful in sports. We know that athletes need to build strength for their few sports, & therefore this powerball can help those few athletes who require strong arms & shoulders. This device can be used to help with golf, tennis, baseball and squash building arm strength and it is also used as mountain biking and climbing.

This powerful device is used in a fitness manner for the wrists, arms, & shoulders helping to build tone and define muscle. The use of this powerball is very simple but very effective resistance training.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Powerball - Compact Size Dynamic Gadget

Powerball is very addictive and fun device not for males and females but also for young and old. This device is used for fitness, fun, & sport and is designed to facilitate the process of recovery from injury. This powerball is very dynamic & compact in size and also due to its non-impact nature it is used and enjoys by young children to old aged people.

Powerball is a dynamic baseball size handheld gyroscope device having a weight about 0.26 kg that can be use at any place or whenever you have enough time. The outer casing of the powerball of a plastic, often with a rubber grip around the centre. This device consists gyro with a rotor that spins quickly once this device has been started by a rip cord or by electronic starter.

There are many uses of the powerball which result in effective non impact exercise. This product has compact size and therefore the force achieved from the product is only ever as much as the person using it and effect of using is that it’s increase the blood flow and ligament strength.

For fitness purpose it is used to build the muscle and for exercise and in sports purpose it is use to build strength like in baseball, golf etc, which require powerful grip and strong arms.

Really this powerball is a wonderful gadget that gives lot of fun, if you have competitions between your friends to see who can achieve the highest score and also this gadget useful to make yourself fit.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Powerball – An Amazing Device For Fitness and Fun

Powerball, the fastest non-motorized ball on the planet. This ball is an exercise tool and also it is an insanely fun and very addictive device which will completely benefit to young and old people for improving overall fitness. The powerball gyroscope is a new, addictive gadget that is speedily spreading across the world into the hands of sportsmen and women, musicians etc.

This powerball is a baseball sized handheld gadget is very enjoyable device but at the same time very addictive that can be used in a sports, music, fitness, and rehabilitation. With its moderate yet dynamic, non-impact nature and small size it can be used everywhere.

For fitness purpose this powerball gyroscope can be used to build muscle and also this powerball can be used for rehabilitation manner for arm and wrist injuries or to help with repetitive strain injuries. The use of this Powerball is very simple but very effective resistance training. Like as you build up the speed of the powerball which in turn acts with a greater resistive force against your body. The speed of the powerball ranges from 2000 rpm to 16000 rpm.

So you have seen that this powerball is a dynamic handheld device which has many benefits for fitness as well as for fun. Powerball's are speedily gaining a reputation as being fitness and fun device, which can be used by people from any walk of life.