Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No Time to go Gym-Don’t Worry: Here’s an Amazing Exercise Tool-Powerball

The Powerball gyroscope is one of the amazing exercise tool. It is a baseball size device, that works on wrist and arm movement alone and it is also used in many sports. The aim of the gadget is to spin the gyroscope inside the ball by using your wrist. This device is used for fitness, fun, & sport and is designed to facilitate the process of recovery from injury. Let us see some different type of Powerball.

Have a Spin Experience with 350Hz Metal Powerball

The 350Hz Metal Powerball is like a mirror as flawlessly finished in a superb mirror-chrome, this amazing gyroscope gives a very good spin experience to serious Powerball enthusiast.This amazing gyroscope is very heavy as compared to the other models in the range. All 350Hz Metal products feature the 6 mode Accura V2.0 digital counter and high density rotor as standard and it also include two starting cords.

NSD Powerball Signature Series - With Glowing Sapphire

The Signature Series with six super bright white LEDs and RPM counter is a premium Neon powerball model with glowing sapphire. It also supplied with a unique mini DVD that will provide you with exercise routines. It also included a wrist strap, three starter cords and instructions.

NSD Powerball Techno – New Addition to Powerball Family

NSD Techno Powerball is an amazing addition to the Power ball family. This original gyroscope rotates your achieved score across the surface of the rotor. The rotor also displays an entrancing collection of firelines as it spins, ranging from red to blue in color and it gives a wonderful effect depending on the speed at which it is rotating.

NSD Powerball Neon Pro – Red –With six Ultra Intense LEDs

NSD Powerball Neon Pro Red contains 6 ultra intense LED's which shine vibrantly when the gyro is activated and it is the same perfectly balanced rotor as found in the 250Hz model range. The faster you spin, the brighter the LED's shine until your whole hand is swallow up in an almost strange alien like envelope of light. The Red Neon Pro contains onboard speed meter, 2 starter cords, full instructions and lifetime guarantee.

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