Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Powerball – Benefits of using Powerball

The Powerball gyroscope is a new, addictive, multi-facetted device that is rapidly spreading across the world into the hands of the young and old alike! With its gentle yet dynamic, non impact nature and compact size it can be used anywhere and whenever you have free time. It’s a baseball sized handheld device that can be used in a rehabilitation or fun manner making it fun, sports, fitness, very addictive and pleasurable.

When first using the device, muscle burn and discomfort can occur, as is normal with any exercise, but this fades over time if used regularly as the muscle will tone and strengthen. This article will explore the benefits of using the powerball gyroscope. The speed of the device ranges from 2000 rpm to 16000 rpm and at this highest speed it is calculated that 40 lbs of resistance is being generated.

The power gyroscope can be used in a fitness sense for the shoulders, wrists and arms helping to define muscle, build and tone. Using the powerball is simple but very effective resistance training. As you build up the speed of the device the forces generated against your arm build as well.