Thursday, April 7, 2011

Be in limelight with Kathy Van Zeeland's Latest Satchel

Girls always love to flaunt by their designer hand bags. They just go weak in knees to get hold of one. And the latest Kathy Van Zeeland's Satchels helps you to keep it stylish. These Satchels are the best gifts for her by Kathy Van Zeeland. They come in three different colors; the Paradise, the Rice and the Marigold. All have an elegant appeal and can be used for different occasions. This spotlight satchel gives a trendy and a fun look to you.

Kathy Van Zeeland Satchels

I love all the designs but my personal favourite is the Paradise Satchels. Its beautiful floral print makes it best for the summer collection. It's quite spacious and its one look leaves me graving for having one. The heart locket sliding on side is the eye catcher. And the Rice Satchel is just too perfect for the night parties. Ladies you can adorn your hands with this wonderful satchels in just US $99.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Swarovski D:Light White yet another hand piece to amuse you

Designer watches have always been the hot favourite among pupil. And when the talk is about the designer watches then the Swarovski name can never be overlooked. It has always kept its reputation by its beautiful designs. And the D:Light collection has already been the talk of town. And yet another D:Light adds to the list . This time it's white. Yes Swarovski D:Light White Crystal LED Watch is the latest creation in horology. It's a stunning bracelet watch and has a push button to display the time on 171 crystals.

Swarovski D:Light White Crystal LED Watch

The band is of white rubber and the face is a stainless steel. The face has 171 glittery crystals embedded on it. And they LED glow off in glory when the push button is pressed. Its appearance makes it look like a amazing bracelet. Isn't it an incredible to have a bracelet and a watch in one piece? You can be the owner of this beauty in $1500. Swarovski already has the gold and silver collection. They too have the same feature except the color.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Denim -Tony Burch?s reason to make you buy a tote

Did you think that denim looks good only if worn as a jeans? If you still think it then you need to see the handbag designed by Tory Burch. He has revived our love for denim completely to enjoy this summer. We all know no matter how much we have we never get bored of denim. It is always in fashion. Denim is one of my personal favourites. Apart from being comfortable and classic it is timeless. Tony Burch wants you to add this piece of denim in your list when you select gifts for her.

tory burch

This beautiful bucket denim tote is born out of indigo denim and has a patent leather trim. Just have a look at the red-hot blend, isn?t it cool? The signature log has been created on the side and let me tell you do not consider this a waste of money. This will be an investment, as this look can never look old or outdated.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Wavebox Portable Microwave Oven serves you fresh food anywhere anytime

We all prefer to have hot food served to us anytime we eat. And if you are a busy person and cannot eat food except the one directly served directly from kitchen then Wavebox Portable Microwave Oven brings relief to your misery. This cool gadget enables you to satisfy your urge of having a frozen lean cuisine meal anytime you want to have it you will be served at its best taste. It's just 14 pounds in weight so can be carried very comfortably. And for its portability there is a handle placed above it.

Wavebox Portable Microwave Oven

It can be plugged in 12 volts power adapter for accurate microwaving. Hence the microwaving can be done in your car too. How wonderful it would be to have this portable piece with you while going out on car journey? You can enjoy the journey with your favourite cuisines that too hot. It measures 15" wide, 11"high and 10" deep with a reinforced ABC casing, non-slip rubberized legs and heavy-duty luggage handle. And it is available at $199.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Give best Control to your Television with Logitech Harmony 300 remote

I always use to get frustrated whenever I was in a hurry to watch my favourite program! The too many remotes decorating my living room table were the reason. Till I could arrange everything the scenes were already missed! But no more as new Logitech Harmony 300 remote brings harmony to me. This easy to set up Logitech Harmony 300 remote easily replaces four other remotes. It is designed with such impressive features that it will never get outdated. Equipped by online database supporting 250,000 devices from 5000 different brands, Logitech 300 assures to work effectively with the set you own now or would add later. Its installation is quite easy just have to plug the remote to computer and the online software will program the remote with full set of commands for all components required.


1. Replaces up to 4 remotes

2. One-touch TV/cable button

3. Quick and easy online setup

4. Works with more devices than any other brand

5. Intuitive ergonomic design

6. Full DVR and Blu-ray player controls

7. Equip with Favourite channel buttons

8. Has dimension of 5.3 x 1.6 x 9.2 inches and weighs 12.8 ounces

The special TV and Cable/satellite box buttons placed together on it allows you to turn on or turn off either of it by press of just one button. You can tune shortcut to your favourite sports, news or any other channel smoothly. Its compatible with everything be it a DVR or a Blu-ray player, with the commands like record TV, List and Live and many others which most of the universal remotes miss. The sculpted buttons grouped in zones of related functions make the usage simple and easy without distracting you from the TV. So isn?t time to give your TV the right Control!

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