Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Swarovski D:Light White yet another hand piece to amuse you

Designer watches have always been the hot favourite among pupil. And when the talk is about the designer watches then the Swarovski name can never be overlooked. It has always kept its reputation by its beautiful designs. And the D:Light collection has already been the talk of town. And yet another D:Light adds to the list . This time it's white. Yes Swarovski D:Light White Crystal LED Watch is the latest creation in horology. It's a stunning bracelet watch and has a push button to display the time on 171 crystals.

Swarovski D:Light White Crystal LED Watch

The band is of white rubber and the face is a stainless steel. The face has 171 glittery crystals embedded on it. And they LED glow off in glory when the push button is pressed. Its appearance makes it look like a amazing bracelet. Isn't it an incredible to have a bracelet and a watch in one piece? You can be the owner of this beauty in $1500. Swarovski already has the gold and silver collection. They too have the same feature except the color.

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