Thursday, July 16, 2009

Powerball – Tool to Strengthen your Muscles

Do you know why the powerball is used for? Is it a normal ball as we are playing in tennis or cricket game? The answer to this question is no. It is a ball which can be used for physical exercise rather than playing a game. It is an excellent tool for all levels of athletes. Its surface is very smooth and dynamic. It can help to build the muscles strength, stimulate the blood flow, and strengthen the ligaments in arms, wrist, and shoulders.

There are many activities and sports in which a human being’s has been involved like, Tennis, Golf, Shovelling, Painting, Raking, Throwing, Gardening and Pitching, Carpentry, Scrubbing which can affect their shoulder, arm, and hand and it may be resulted in a serious injury sometime. You can prevent your shoulder, arm, and elbow by warming up and gently rubbing power ball on the painful area. It is only effective when you use it for 5-10 minutes in your daily exercise. As it is a small in size, you can use it anywhere and anytime. It comes with the speedometer which offers a great fun time pass amongst your friends to see who can spin it faster. In the cases of weaknesses, you are feeling in your hand, tendency to carry an object, constant pain in your fingers, the Chiropractors generally recommend to you to use power ball rather than using any other exercising tool. Power can generate approximately 40lbs of resistance at the highest speed of 16000 rpm to the minimum of 2000 rpm.