Friday, July 29, 2011

FinePix Z10fd Digital Camera

Incorporating a 7.2-mega-pixel lens, FinePix Z10fd Digital Camera comes wrapped in stylish design and sleek body. Designed to deliver stunning technologies to the user, FinePix Z10fd Digital Camera sports a 2.5-inch LCD screen and a simple button layout. Featuring Auto Red Eye Removal, this new camera from Fujifilm can find up to 10 human faces in its frame and click photos after detecting them.


  • 7M CCD
  • One-touch Face Detection Technology
  • Fujinon 3X Zoom non-extending lens
  • New Ultra-compact form w/ tripod mount
  • Up to ISO 1600 at full resolution

Enjoy recording movies using the movie mode of FinePix Z10fd Digital Camera. This camera comes with xD/ SD/SD-HC Media compatible slots. It also allows you fast wireless image transfer with its IR-Simple function. Another great feature of FinePix Z10fd Digital Camera is its Picture Stabilization Mode.

Source : idealgadget

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Now you can see sweet emotions of a cuddly i-Buddy while chatting with your loved ones on the Internet. All you need is to connect it to your PC with a USB cable and see i-Buddy dancing, twisting and glowing all the way for your entertainment. Take for instance, if you get a heart emoticon by someone, i-Buddy will glow its head and red heart while flapping its wings.


* USB-friendly
* Detects emotions
* Responds to incoming MSN messages
* Glowing head and flapping wings

Simply mount the interesting i-Buddy on your desktop and see how it pleases you with its twisting and glowing as you get any MSN message. The way this cool device responds to your incoming MSN messages, you will feel dancing with it. Ideal for people of all age groups, i-Buddy is an irresistible accessory especially for the those who like instant messaging.

Source : idealgadget

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mario R/C cars are back to get you addicted

Are you hunting for great gifts for kids? Do you fall in the category of those who love Mario Kart? Yes the same addictive game that has made us miss many of our important meetings and appointments. Other than that, this game has presented us with many bad driving qualities. Let me tell you that these Mario R/C cars are really cute and tiny. They are so tiny that you can easily hide them in your palms with their remotes. So now, you need not to sit in front of the TV screen to play this game. You can race off the screen with our favourite Mario, Bowser, Yoshi and Luigi. These baby cars can go left and right and forward and backward. They also have a "dash" feature that gives you extra speed when really need it. You can also set some obstacles on your racetracks as a Koopa Troopa shell and a happy banana peel is included with each car.

Mario R/C

Let me tell you that though the remote is tiny but its also very easy to use and handy. You just need to spend $26 to start your race.