Monday, February 2, 2009

NSD Powerball 350Hz Metal - Sport and Exercise Tool

NSD Powerball 350Hz Metal is a superb gadget that has the potential in its own right to completely revolutionize the way you play your chosen game. The name we can use for this amazing device as “sport’s new wonder tool” and “Gym new exercise tool” and it is a fact that you will be completely amazed by this wonderful device and totally addicted within few seconds of picking one up for the first time.

NSD Powerball 350Hz Metal is the one of the perfect engineered products. Perfectly finished in a superb mirror-chrome, this amazing gyroscope offers the serious Powerball fan a spin experience. 350Hz Metal is presented in an exclusive and very admiring transparent magnetic display case to make sure that its beauty remains protected but in view at all times while not in use.

Nearly double the weight of the Neon or 250Hz models, the NSD Powerball 350Hz Metal applies an unusual force on the arm and wrist. All 350Hz Metal models feature our 6 mode Accura V2.0 digital counters and high density rotor as standard - also included are two starting cords and full instructions. Powerball has hit the fitness market with a passion and it will surely give you a full arm workout.

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