Monday, May 4, 2009

Powerball with Blue LED - Spectacular sight!

Powerball Gyroscope fans can relish the joy of the toy with a classic blue LED light in it. Powerball rotates at a very high speeds starting from 2500 rpm and can extend upto 13000 rpm. With higher speeds, the glow of the light also increases, creating a spectacular sight.

Being a toy however it exhibits all gyroscopic properties. Perfect live model to understand physics in action, it depicts all the fundamentals of angular momentum, centripetal force and the rest. Powerball can also come to aid in minor arthritis, tendonitis and RSI problems.

To record its speed, a digital counter is on board the powerball. An amazing gadget to hold on to, it can show you some magnificient sights. Considered as a great strengthening tool and made up of durable material, it does not require battery to charge.

For all of you who want this wonderful gadget, its cost price is $49.99


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