Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Want to print your docs, then here's the new POP, Portable Printer

Are you annoyed of caring lots of printed documents wherever you go? Than POP is the solution for you. It's the Portable printer, a small one for your needs. We are in the portable epoch and so all the things should be portable and handy like this new gadget. This small printer has cool design, but still this concept is not turned to reality so we need to wait for a bit, well it looks like a flash drive and it may be mistaken sometimes.

Its small in design and so do small work, you can't print your loads of documents from this device, but it's a good source in emergency. This cool device measures 23/6 cm and you can keep it in your purse or shoulder bag. For printing your documents from USB you need to attach it with your PC and then get the prints. Well the surprise comes up, this small device has an OLED screen on its block thus you can check the printing status over there. This devices has inner battery which can be used thus there is no need of any external source, great! I think this small version of printer will be legendry in the industry if it comes up!

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