Friday, March 4, 2011

A Wi-Fi detecting watch for all those who are hooked to the net

Today the word globalization has been realised due to abundant awareness and use of internet. And many people have been hooked to the World Wide Web, for many things like information, networking and entertainment. So a watch that?s very compact and can multipurpose and can be carried along almost anywhere comes as a boon.

wifi watch


1. It has a Wi-Fi detection feature and also operates as a watch.
2. It has an hourly chime feature and lap memory
3. It also has the facility to set alarms and timers.
4. Other features include a chronograph and a dual time facility
5. It detects interference intensity up to 2.4ghz signal
6. Detects AP stations over 100 metres outdoors
7. It is Anti-static and Shock Proof and Water-Resistant

The Wi-Fi detecting watch is very handy and detects Wi-Fi no matter whatsoever and keeps you connected. It?ll reveal the strength of local Wi-Fi connections at the touch of a button and one can select the best location from those to hook up.

Apart from the essential Wi-Fi detecting features, it?s an amazing timepiece too and with all the functionality like the alarm, countdown timer, world time zone mode and calendar, it becomes a must have product.

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