Monday, March 7, 2011

Compact Bluetooth headset easily passes off as a chic earring

The very compact Bluetooth headset a designer gadget that resembles an earring is an award winning gadget. The very trendy gadget is designed by Ilshat Garipov a Russian designer, and it woos one into buying it. It is visibly inspired by the water droplet and meticulously designed to perfection. With a classy cool finish the water droplet formation Bluetooth headset looks awesome. It has only one button used for on and off operations to receive and end calls.

With the latest mantra being thin is in and small is actually big the gadget perfectly fit into the young generation trendy gadgets category. If you have a gadget freak gal then this can be one of the best gifts for her. It is an ultimate piece of jewellery that serves functionality as well as fashion. The ultimate ultra tech look, it looks like a mysterious gadget from a Sci-Fi movie.

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