Thursday, March 3, 2011

The new Solar Charger Backpack for your laptops

Now technology is taking its turn and bringing up solar gadgets every now and then. With the rise in the solar gadget the new multipurpose solar charger backpack is truly sensational. This new charger comes with 10,000mAh battery pack which can power up all the laptops, media players, mobile phones etc. It also has an ultrasonic mosquito repeller which gives you perfect peace. This solar charger laptop backpack has most of the power socket which are needed and also includes 8 other laptop connectors.

Solar charger backpack

This wonderful device can output 19v, 13-16.8v, 13v & 9v @3.5A and 5V@1A power. Almost all your gadgetry products can be recharged by this wonderful device. It can also be recharged via the AC power or with direct sunlight. This is a great device for carrying in your travels and you would enjoy its company. So what are you plotting? Wanna have this device, the get it just for $189.00.

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