Thursday, January 6, 2011

Funky Simpsons Mug with Warmer Set a Perfect Gift

The funky Simpsons mug is a perfect gadget for those who are fans of Simpsons. It slightly differs from the other mugs as it works as a mug and in addition the warmer set keeps the beverages like tea, coffee or milk warm. Often at times while reading news papers, watching TV or work the tea or coffee often gets chilled out, at such times it often becomes irritating to warm again, it's a portable gadget and one can enjoy a warm beverage anytime you want. The white mug with yellow ear shaped handle and Simpson?s image makes the mug simple yet creative with the white warmer set beneath it.

simpsons mug warmer

It?s a portable and such a mug that can be used within the office to keep the tea or coffee warm throughout the day even if the user is busy with his work. It is a gift that all members of the family would love to get. You can gift it to kids or maybe your wife who always is so busy she has to make do with a cold cuppa, and it?s also a perfect gifts for him. The Simpsons mug and the warmer set will definitely make people envy you. It will refresh the user?s mood as the tea or coffee remains warm whenever user takes a sip and can enjoy the beverage at ease with comic Simpson?s picture at rest.

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