Friday, January 7, 2011

The Sleek and Trendy Sony PlayStation 3 CP-PRO Stereo Gaming Headset

The sleek and trendy headsets for the PlayStation 3 provide a clear communication and are designed for an enjoyable gaming experience. The 4Gamers Official PlayStation 3 COMM-PLAY Pro Gaming Headset has lot of excellent features and to top it all a great red and black combo design that is just so luring. The audio performance is all round with the 40mm standard speaker drivers. It also has features to adjust the volume differently for chats and gaming.

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1. 40mm Standard Speaker Drivers
2. Swivel Styled Lightweight Ear Cups
3. Channel Frequency Separation
4. Noise reduction technology
5. Comfortable and a padded headband
6. Soft ear cushions
7. USB connection to the PS 3
8. Pouch to store or keep the drawstring
9. 4mtr cable for comfortable gaming

The headset has padding along the head band as well as the ear cups, this makes wearing it comfortable and one can keep it along for a long time. The 4Gamers Official PlayStation 3 COMM-PLAY Pro Gaming Headset also boasts of a pouch to keep the drawstring and also with the 4 meter long cable one can enjoy gaming comfortably lying down on a couch or from a better and safe distance. Providing a true stereo experience and very light weight ear cups providing great comfort the headset induces noise reduction to a great extent.

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