Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Disney's DM005SH 22-diamonds cellphone

All the Disney lovers will be amazed to watch the latest DM005SH diamond cellphone launched by Himfr and you can get this 22-diamond integrated cellphone in different sizes, carrying Disney label on it. DM005SH masterly designed cellphone surely boost the market with its impressive looks and upgraded functionality. If you are looking for classy gadgets then this phone stand first in the list. Despite of wide range of cellphones this ultimate device ideally captures everybody's attention at just one glance.

Disney's DM005SH 22-diamonds cellphone

Disney's DM005SH 22-diamonds cellphone primarily supports 8MP camera and highly defined 3.4" FWGA screen display. Even the Disney logo is wonderfully inscribed on its keyboard will be the center of attraction for everyone. Apart from these impressive features, the device is pre-loaded with amazing themes of Disney. The sporty cellphone definitely set a new trend among the youths with its glorious looks. Till yet its pricing has not been fixed but it will drive you all crazy with its impressive design and functions...

Source : www.blueunplugged.com

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