Saturday, January 29, 2011

Figure out the time in the stylish watch the Oclock

Now the stylish watch is in, the O'clock. This O'clock is really worth admiring. Its an empty clock without any hands or any digits. So how will you figure out the time, this is a big question mark in this clock? Well it's very easy, to do this. The o'clock look very chic and modish. All the numbers and both the hands have vanished and left the clock empty and alone.

latest concept O clock

This concept gadget is designed by the Ana Kremenelieva. There are two flat disks in this clock and it shows the cuts with the time and its location will depict the hour and the minute both hands. This is really fantastic concept of wrist watch an innovative one. Well I am eagerly waiting for this clock to arrive, so I can wear it and make my friends jealous of it.

latest concept O'clock


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