Friday, June 3, 2011

The Sony Rolly - Mobile MP3 Disco

It is a somewhat unusual creation from Sony. The Sony’s Rolly is an MP3 player. It plays music and dances to its own tunes. You don’t need to do the boring button operations. Just flick it with style and it will raise the volume. Flick in another direction and it displays some amazing dancing skills.


1 GB flash memory
Dual 20mm speakers
Flick and operate technology
Laced with LEDs

The Sonys Rolly is laced with LCDs for an amazing display while it dances. You can get an amazing floor show at private parties and functions for friends at your very own home. The musical and the dancing disco Rolly from Sony was earlier available in the typical white with blue lights design. Reinvented a bit and bringing it in a new avatar is the black Rolly and new colourful and changeable flaps have been introduced for both the models of white and black. The Rolly is an impressive gadget but carries along a fancy price tag of $ 400.

Source : gadgetsnews


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